I Want You Maria

I heard the knock on the door and I’d already showered and changed into my sweat pants and long-sleeved top.

My eyes were red, but I’d drank a glass of brandy to steady my nerves. The house seemed so quiet and I did love Josh; I thought he loved me too. I was just feeling that something wasn’t right, and I was right about that call it an escorts intuition.

Sebastian stood on the doorstep with a grin, which changed to a look of concern. He’d come over on his motorbike and stood in a leather jacket, jeans and with a helmet in his hand. “It was the quickest way to beat the London rush hour and get here. Look, I’m a master of listening. Would that help?”

I let him in and had got myself together enough, just to let him know I wasn’t in escort mode. He laughed at that. I poured him a glass of white wine, just a small one and sat down.

“My boyfriend left me whilst I was away at my parents for the weekend. I knew there was something wrong.” Sebastian sat, now in t-shirt and jeans, and listened. He asked questions and I answered as best as I could. I mentioned he’d met someone who was so rich that I could not compare.

“More the fool him.” I remembered what he’d told me and apologised about my assumption. “I’m sorry about our girlfriend.” I could feel the tears again and at that, he came over and took me into his arms for a hug. It felt good and he smelt delicious. “So is new York on the cards then? You can have your own room and I’ll make sure you have lots to do. We’ll have a great time.”

He’d pulled back and as I looked him in the eye, he caught his breath. I could feel the tension there. It was overt – a joint longing. I looked at his full lips and just wanted him to kiss me. I knew he could feel it too. Then he rose and when he spoke I could hear how husky his voice sounded – almost thick with emotion too. “I do want you, Maria. I can’t help myself, but not while you are upset. I would feel guilty and that would just not do.”

I nodded in appreciation.

“That’s okay. I don’t know what it is about you though. It’s like you know me.”

I rubbed my eyes and he sat on the other sofa. We looked at each other for a few seconds, and he smiled until I felt a smile break out on my face. “Okay, New York it is.”

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