Could he become a client again

My Christmas break was almost upon me, but the dinner party I was invited to was in Chelsea, and I feared the rest of the guests would be part of the Chelsea set some could be clients of the escorts in London who I work with, me included! For some reason, I preferred my clients in other parts of London. Perhaps it is something to do with the lack of reality, within the reality programme filmed in that area. Thirty guests would be sitting down at three large tables. I rehearsed my spiel and read it back without looking at the written sheet. I was an actress naturally; a performer of the highest standard, so I knew I could easily pass this off this role.

I wore a Versace halter-neck gown, heels, a fake fur bolero, and kept my eye-make-up smoky and interesting. My client was a guy who owned property in this area; a multi-millionaire and single.

I arrived and double-checked with my cab driver to ensure I would be picked up again at one. I had five hours here and hoped it would be an easy appointment.

The door to the large four-storey London house opened and I realised that the house next door was actually part of this house. It was massive. The entertaining room was around thirty metres long across the width of the two properties.

I looked around and felt eyes on me. I turned and noticed Vlad was here with another gentleman, who could also be Russian. I nodded, smiled, and realised I had been set up.

Peter, my client, had not arrived, and as if by magic, Vlad was by my side. “I heard that Peter was going to be late. I recommended you to hm. Of course, you will fancy him; he’s easily the most handsome man in this part of London escorts all love him. Yes, with me here, it really is that possible.”

I wasn’t sure if I was going to laugh or cry. The hostess came over to me and rescued me from his acerbic wit. “Ah, you are Peter’s friend. I know you know Vlad too; he is also a good friend.”

I shook her hand, but she laughed. “I’m Petra, and we kiss each other on both cheeks. You are so beautiful. Can I ask how long have you known Peter?”

I kept to my script. “Only two weeks, I’m afraid. I am happy to mingle until he arrives though. Vlad can keep me company.”

As if Vlad knew he was being talked about, he came over, took my hand, kissed it and then kissed that sweet spot on my neck which always made me heat up down there. The sexual tension was just beneath the surface as usual. Could Vlad become a client again?


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