The Fastener to My Stockings

I closed my eyes, letting this sensation flow through me. There was an edge to his guy. He was obviously successful, but he seemed genuinely thoughtful London escort girls genuinely appreciate guys who share the pleasure. He traced his fingers over my ribs. I almost giggled as the touch was too light and I do get horribly ticklish there. I watched his fingers move to my navel, and then bypass my sex, to trace another finger around the fastener to my stockings. I felt a different kind of shiver as his touch warmed my most private part. He moved down my body as he opened the other fasteners. He kissed my navel, and the lace of my knickers before slowly removing my stocking, pausing to kiss down the inside of my thigh.

He could have taken me then, but didn’t. He left on the French knickers as I moved to undress him. For a large man, he wasn’t that overweight; more muscle than fat. His tattoo of his favourite London football club was on his right arm.

He watched me looking. “Sadly, I wasn’t good enough to play for them. I tried, but didn’t make the grade.”

So, ten minutes passed as we kissed and finished undressing. I’d stroked him to his full length and lay back as he started to take me. I liked how he checked in with me. “Good girl, you are ready for me after all.”

I held onto his buttocks as he moved on me. The friction was pleasurable and my orgasm stared to build up. “You’re going to come aren’t you?” I nodded as he kissed my nipples, sucking hard on them. That tipped me over the top and the rush was intense. I realised, as he’d shuddered, I’d caused him to climax too. For a while, we lay side-by-side, client and escort not needing to speak. Then I realised he’d fallen asleep.

Moving onto my side, I was wrong about his being a hugger. He’d not hugged me once. I watched his chest rise and fall and wondered if he would wake up in a couple of hours ‘rock-hard’ and ready for action as he’d stated, or whether or not, he’d actually been joking. I smiled as I sipped some water, and nestled down beside him.


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