Escorts in London adore whipped cream

When Jerome called to ask what my favorite meal was, I thought that we would start our night off at a restaurant in London’s west end, sipping on a nice glass of wine and nibbling away at the chef’s specialty which is every escorts favorite past time. Little did I know that Jerome had a lot more planned for me. I made sure to put on a dress that combined sexy and classy, just to ensure that I would fit in, no matter where we went, but still be appealing enough to turn heads.

I arrived at his flat at a quarter to 8. He opened the door wearing a marvelous suit that showed just how handsome he was. Jerome is a mechanic and so, it’s not very often that I get to see him all dressed up so tonight was definitely special. He invited me into his apartment and my eyes widened as I noticed that he had a whole new spin on the night, one that even me a very worldly lady of the evening didn’t expect at all. The reason he had asked me about my favorite meal was because he wanted to prepare it for me. The dining table was set perfectly, candles, shiny silverware and my favorite meal in center stage, fish picatta, with roasted asparagus and a few juicy shrimps to top it all off. I was amazed at the effort he had put in and after dinner, he told me the reason he had gone through all that trouble. That day marked the anniversary of me becoming his escort. I love a guy who remembers such details and I was so happy to be able to see such a different side of Jerome that night. To show him just how much I appreciated all he had done, I told him that I had my very own surprise for him. This required him to skip dessert and to head to his bedroom so that I could enjoy him as my sweet tooth pleaser. I told him to get undressed while I got everything together. I took the whipped cream from the refrigerator and headed to the bedroom to get him all creamed up. The minute that he saw the bottle of whipped cream in my hand, his desire to become dessert was very evident.

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