He was very good in bed

Brussels wasn’t as visually appealing as either Paris or London, but held a different kind of appeal. I was eating a couple of decadent chocolates, made by Godiva, a Belgium speciality chocolate-maker. These had to be kept in the fridge as they contained a real cream filling, but they would not last intact for very long. I was in escorts chocolate heaven, but decided to keep a couple back as a sensual treat for my client later on. My tongue combined with the creamy interior of a chocolate could work wonders on the tip of his erection.

I met Claus at a bar we’d arranged to hook up in, and he was immediately touchy-feely. “We can eat in my room; the food is excellent, so just the one drink and we can go back.” I tried a strawberry beer recommended by Claus. It wasn’t exactly to my taste, but was palatable enough. “I’m a wine and Champagne London escort girl at heart,” I reminded him, and he nodded and whispered there was a bottle chilling in the fridge.

Within an hour, I had Claus naked on the bed, face-down massaging the tension out of his shoulder. He had been sat in a cramped space at the conference, so wanted to feel completely relaxed before the main course. I worked down his body, rubbing his buttocks slowly with the ylang ylang oil mix, teasing him with my light touch, until I knew he was getting aroused by my deliberate rubbing.

I stopped and sipped champagne as I worked and mentioned I had eaten some delicious chocolate.

He turned over and his arousal was easy to see. “Your libido will increase. The properties within chocolate act like a drug, not like a food.”

That explained why escorts in London craved small amounts of the better quality chocolate. I passed Claus one, and he ate it. “This is very indulgent, but very nice.” I took the second chocolate and bit into it slowly, before licking out the cream with the tip of my tongue.

“That tongue of yours is too naughty for me at my age. Right now, this chocolate is releasing dopamine into my brain. This means this erection will last for a very long time tonight. I hope you are up to this.” He smiled and lay back, stroking his erection fully in his hand, before taking out a condom.

I peeled off my see-through negligee, to reveal my crotch-less panties and went to straddle him. “Your intelligence is an aphrodisiac to me so I don’t need food. The more sex, the more pleasure, so take as long as you want.” I meant it too; he was very good in bed. 

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