Gentlemen turn to Mara for the ultimate satisfaction

Imaginations are meant to run wild; this is something that as a London escort, high importance is placed on. Well, maybe not for everyone, but for me, this is definitely at the top of my list. The kind of clients that walk through my doors are those with needs, those with expectations and of course, those with fantasies. My clients and I, we always have at least one thing in common and that’s a passionate desire that cannot and should not be tamed.

With that said, one of my favorite things to do is to take all the power away from my clients. As men, they are typically in charge of quite a bit and it is not uncommon for their everyday lives to entail at least a small amount of stress. My duty, as their escort is to rid them of the tension that they pick up over a long week in London’s hectic scene. What this means is that nothing is left up to them when they are in my hands. I like to be the one to undress myself, revealing the sensual parts of my body that they long to touch. Afterward, I ensure that their hands are free to explore the fruits of their labor, when it’s time for them to be rid of their garments, I am the one to do it. This gives me such great satisfaction. It’s usually the man in control but there’s a great part of me that’s a control freak and when on a date, I get to unleash this part of me.

What happens in the bedroom is no different. I take charge, I’m the one in control and I’m responsible for my companions satisfaction. You may think it’s a huge responsibility to take on for a new escort like me, but the way I see things, someone needs to do it and when it’s left in the hands of someone who enjoys pleasing, you can guarantee that the ultimate satisfaction is achieved.

There is no man who has ever left my company wanting more because I ensure that they’re given everything they could ever want and more. However, when the days pass and the urge to be loved, teased and pleasure increases, they know just where to turn to get the gratification they need. They turn to me, Mara, because they know there is no way in the world they will be disappointed.

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