Aurora’s intimate dreams

On the cold wintery nights in London, I dream of a place as warm and as inviting as home. The Maldives and its beaches “every escorts dream” that, would be nice; the things I could get up to fill my every thoughts and I at times when I can’t stand the feeling, I allow my dreams to take control.

On a particularly cold night, there was no way that I would allow myself to leave my apartment, so I turned my phone off to avoid the calls from the bookings girls at my escort agency. A nice glass of wine, a radiator turned up high and an imagination with no boundaries were all I needed to be taken to complete and utter ecstasy. Eyes shut tight, I slipped into a dream so vivid, it’s as though I were there, submerged in the ocean, just like I wanted to be. I dreamed of my legs being wrapped around the most handsome of men, taking my body to places it had never been, we bounced up and down as the ocean’s currents struck our backs time after time. ‘You’re the most beautiful woman in the world, Aurora,’ he whispered in my ear. ‘You’ve got the most decadent body,’ I replied and to prove that I was right, he took me to an even higher level of ecstasy. ‘Why don’t we get out of here?`, he asked. As we made our way to the sand, I could feel his eyes penetrating my behind and out of nowhere, the palm of his hand struck it so hard that it echoed through the entire land. ‘You like that, don’t you?’, he asked. ‘ I think you can do better,’ I replied, lowering myself to my knees and elbows.
There it was, a huge release and when it came to me it came so hard that I woke myself out of my dream, only to realize that there was some truth in what was happening. My sheets were soaked and yes, even escorts take care of themselves every once in a while but there truly is nothing that compares to the strength, the smell and the feel of a man.

About the author:
One of the most adored new London girls on the escorts scene when, Aurora is not working out at the gym she always finds time to post a sexy blog.

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