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Ways For Escorts in London to Style a Shirt Dress

I guess all of us, escorts have a shirt dress in our wardrobes, but we are not exactly sure how to wear or style it. I gathered you three extremely simple ways to make them your favorite pieces to wear in London on a daily basis, because I guess we only have a couple weeks left to do so.

1. Let me first start with a WRONG way to wear them. Never ever match a shirt dress with a pair of jersey leggings. Those are no longer in vogue. Trends change, we all know jersey leggings were fashionable a couple of years ago, but I would recommend you rather choosing a pair of simple tights or cool jeans in case of cooler weather.


2. One of the positive (and attractive) attributes of this type of a dress is that you can wear them in almost any kind of weather. Let’s say your an escort who lives in the United Kingdom, or to be more precise London, the country and city renowned for its always changing and rainy weather and you can still be very stylish. Just gather your Hunter boots, raincoat and go! A shirt dress with a pair of Hunter boots looks amazingly trendy, trust me! There is no need to think too much about what to wear when judging the rainy or cloudy weather forecast on your iPhone in the morning. To make your outfit even more fun, just opt for a pair of over-the-knee socks as an accessory.


3. Match it with matching trousers. As simple as that.


Rita Ora has proved us you cannot go wrong with a set like this, it is one of her favorite fashion moves. This is a really easy way to style a shirt dress. In case you don’t own a matching piece just wear a non-matching, slightly different pair, as long as they are not black or wide leg, you will look great.


4. Go for over-the-knee boots! This style option has been extremely popular at the last New York and London Fashion Weeks, it is an extremely cool outfit choice, no doubt about that! Talking about London … Not to mention the fact that it is also very temperature flexible, of course! Over-the-knee boots have always been my ultimate favorite shoe wear pieces, as they can be styled and worn with a wide range of clothes options, they are a truly good investment. Let it be a cute dress, a pair of jeans with sweaters or just simply a fine set you put together in the morning, these boots will boost your look and make you stand out of the escorts in the London crowd.


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