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London to New York Including Shopping

The call came in from Tokyo at some minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve. An urgent assignment; she wouldn’t even have time to pack.

“You need to be ready to go ASAP.”

“Oh?” Lily asked. Unlike some of the other people she’d met in her career as a London escort, Tokyo wouldn’t knowingly steer her into the arms of some creep.

“Anyone I know?”

“I’m pretty sure you’ve met him,” she said. “Barry David.”

“Oh!” Lily said. She liked Barry; she’d met him at a few parties. He was a good bloke, often funny, and not as wolfish as a lot of the guys who booked escorts during their London trips

“Why does he want to take me to New York?”

“He doesn’t. Someone is sending a plane for him and he wanted to share it.”

“Come on, Tokyo,” Lily said. “What’s the catch? I know he’s a client, but what am I going to have to do for him?”

“Just get off the plane with him.”


“In front of the paparrazzi?”


“Who’s he trying to make jealous?” she asked.

Barry could probably make TMZ getting off a plane by himself, and it wasn’t like he really needed more publicity.

“No one,” Tokyo said. “Wait, you mean you don’t know?”

“Know what?”

Tokyo laughed, “Oh my god, Lily! Barry’s a poof. His boyfriend is sending the plane.”

Now, there were a lot of gay rumors about a lot of men in the London scene, but Lily ignored them because they were none of her business. Her job was to do whatever the client wanted; even if it was just getting off a plane.

“Who’s the squeeze?”

“ Djimon Lowell, who else? Who do you think is sending the plane?”

“I thought they hated each other?”

“Oh, Lily,” Tokyo said with a laugh even as Lily could almost hear her shaking her head. “When you get back, we’re going to have a long talk about what’s real and what’s fake in this town.”

“Sure, okay,” Lily said. “So I guess he doesn’t want anyone to know, and needs a girl to come with him?”

“Yep. But once you get there, he’ll just drop you off wherever. With shopping money no less; and you wouldn’t need to see him after that. Until your return trip to London of course.”

“Huh. Well, it seems like a good deal!”

“It is. Barry will be pleased.”

“Well, thanks Tokyo!”

“No problem.”


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