Heat of Arousal

“Miss West?” Alexandra turned with a smile, bright blue eyes drinking in the sight of long blonde hair, full red lips, and a beautiful body that she lingered her gaze on. She loved it when these London women hired her as their escort; especially blondes. Even more, thin blondes in black cocktail dresses that dipped low enough for Alexandra to appreciate the expanse of pale skin. Working for attorneys made it even more fun.

“Miss Waverly?” Alexandra responded, her whole demeanor slipping into its natural state: flirty and seductive. She took the woman’s hand when offered.

“Rebecca,” the blonde corrected, leading Alexandra across the bar. “There’s no use in formalities – we aren’t going to be in such modest positions for very long.”

“Then call me Alexandra,” Alexandra replied with a smile, watching the way Rebecca’s body moved as she weaved through people to get to the door. Oh, yes…Alexandra was going to enjoy this one, after all how many escorts in London’s Paddington Square would not. They weren’t ten steps into the hotel hallway before she moved in closer to Rebecca and placed her lips by her ear, breathing softly as she spoke in a quiet tone. “You’re different than the ones that call me from your business.” Alexandra saw the shiver go through Rebecca’s body in response to the way her breath had touched Rebecca’s ear.

“Why, because I’m a female?” Rebecca asked, looking over at Alexandra with an amused expression. “I bet you don’t get a lot of those.”

“You’d be surprised,” Alexandra replied, hitting the button to request the elevator. “But yes, your company is full of men that call me, begging for a dominant woman with an up market London accent to beat them into submission. This is…refreshing.” The elevator door closed when they stepped inside, and Alexandra dropped Rebecca’s hand, sliding her arm around her waist instead. “Do you need to be beaten into submission, too? Or are you well enough practiced in that at work?”

Rebecca’s head was already on Alexandra’s bare shoulder, her eyes looking down the dip in the dress. When her head lifted, it was for her to press her lips to Alexandra’s ear in much the same way as the escort had done in the hallway. “What makes you think I’m submissive?” she whispered. “Maybe you’re the one that’s going to be on your knees for me tonight.”

The heat of arousal spread through Alexandra like fire, and she had never been so grateful to get off an elevator in her life.

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