I love that look

There is always something thrilling about watching the reaction of a client, whether male, female or both, when I undress for the first time in front of them. My busty figure is enviable and my blonde looks turn many a head, but seeing a person, or people transported into a lustful state, heats me up each time. I can’t help it and think that bedroom anitcs is one of the most important things in my life.

Therefore, when asked by my regular customer, James, if I have a steady boyfriend, I do feel a sense of sadness. I sense that most men would rather be with me, than with their current partners, or be alone. I have to have an emotional detachment, because I honestly cannot be involved with a client. I never feel alone, as I ensure I have friends and contacts away from my work in London.

I had just finished giving James a special treat with my mouth, but he was still ready for more. When I look at his manhood, just single glance makes him hard. I touched him lightly as he lay back; a wide grin on his face.

“You make me so horny,” he whispered, “I could slowly screw you all day.” I smiled as I liked how he considered my needs; some guys don’t at all, and many escorts me included don’t expect it.

James asked me to turn over so my cheeks were on view. I clamped my legs tightly so he couldn’t see my lips, but he said, “No, open your legs, just a little.” I obeyed and let him stroke me until I could feel the warmth spreading down there. He continued until he reached my most sensitive part and gently massaged me, until I started to become wet. I tried to keep still but my hips automatically moved against his hand and he inserted a finger. He rubbed away and I could sense I would start that build-up to a huge, blended orgasm.

Then James stopped and asked me to turn around. Surprised, I wonder what had happened, but he only smiled. “I love the look on your face when you come for me.” He leant forward and kissed me lightly until I responded and his fingers worked their magic between my legs.


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