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I had a bone to pick with Anna. Instead of cancelling our friendly meal out in a swanky London restaurant, she organised her single brother, Ross, to meet me. I noticed that she was giggling when she noticed my expression. I was stood there with my hand on my hip, looking cross. She did apologise, but really did have an emergency to go to, and it was too late to contact me. I really wasn’t sure if I believed her, it’s not just escorts who tell white lies.


As we tucked into sea bass and roasted Mediterranean vegetables, I explained that I thought Ross was really lovely. However, I wasn’t in the market for a relationship at the moment. I mentioned that I had been seeing a Russian guy, which was true in some ways, but I didn’t want anything serious just yet.


“I like being an island with visitors only when I want them!” I explained.


I watched her eyes sparkle as I talked about my life at the moment. I have to compartmentalise my life and Anna is not someone, as a G.P., who would understand. Anna twirled her drink around in her glass. “Ross doesn’t want to see you,” she replied quietly. I sat back rather stunned, but took the feedback, as I waited for her to say something more. “I think he was expecting someone who would be less materialistic and more natural. He actually doesn’t like make-up and designer gear.”


I thought about it and realised I’d worn a lot of make-up and designer clothes for the meal, whilst he was dressed in a moleskin jacket, checked shirt and chinos. He still looked smart.


I had to reply. “Fair enough and I’m glad you’ve been honest. Ross is very handsome but I think you are right. I’m a City girl at the moment, happy to be single, and will be moving to the country next year.”


Anna finished her wine and asked the waiter for more drinks. I think I needed another glass of wine. I don’t often get rebuffed and I felt a little odd about it. “Well, in that case, perhaps he did get you slightly wrong. Anyway, it is my thirtieth birthday party in five months, so you’ll get a chance to see him then. You can both see whether or not there is anything between you. There is no rush, is there?” Something about seeing Ross again sparked an interest in me, but I dare not let it show.



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