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His pleasure mounted

My client was quiet and unassuming apart from his over welling desire for fresh escort girls London, had become his hunting ground. I looked at the green-flecked hazel eyes under the blond, jagged fringe and wished I could speak Danish. Language, when it comes to sex, is important, but sign-language and a direct style were good at moving things along smoothly. When Andras met me, he smiled and offered me a drink in good English, but in terms of trying to find out what he wanted, it felt like a game of charades. I blushed as I undressed, aware of his handsome face looking at my bare bottom as I bent over to pick up the panties I’d discarded.

I stood up and he pointed at the bed. “Kneel,” Andras motioned towards the bed in case I was in any doubt. I wanted to giggle. It sounded like a command you issued to a dog, but I was his escort girl during this London trip so dutifully I obeyed my client.

Andras undressed quickly, and I turned slightly to see his chest and arms covered in tattoos. He came over and stroked my bottom with soft hands. His fingers were well-manicured and soft. As he lay underneath me, he tried to sidle down between my legs, but he caught my knee and I went crashing onto his chest. “Oooh,” I murmured, as I felt the muscle of his chest. Instead of being annoyed I had fallen on him, he started to kiss me, with little pecks, rather than a full-on kiss. I realised he wasn’t sure about if I would kiss him because some escorts don’t kiss, so I pulled his face around to me properly. I caressed his cheek lightly with my fingernail and kissed him fully, but gently.

That seemed to work, as Andras found his confidence and started to kiss me back. Soon his excitement came to the surface, and we tumbled around on the huge hotel bed, until we were breathless. “Good,” he said, as I kissed down his chest and stroked his erection.

He relaxed under my touch and soon I was riding him. I loved how he closed those large hazel eyes as his pleasure mounted, and his fair hair dampened as he squirmed underneath me.

Afterwards, we lay side-by-side, until he rose, picked up his folder and waved it at me with a smile. Inside, he had a copy of his new cd, which he signed for me. I pulled him back into bed and gave him a kiss.


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