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Irma enjoys attentive affection

Having an office so close to central London helps to make life at our escorts agency a fun place to be and sometimes the most unexpected things happen, and usually at the most unusual times as well. I have never been one of those girls to fall for anyone, and especially not a client. But as I said, unusual and unexpected is what this was.

It was maybe everything about Andre that made me want to just let him take me away and let him do anything with me that would please him most. His voice when he said “Irma!” is so attentive it makes me ready to explode with joy. When I had first met him in London, it was another normal day and I never expected that this would turn into a regular rendezvous. I’m a very professional escort and I know that I am good at pleasing men and this is what I aim to do at all times. Andre was more of the “please a woman” type which was something that I was not very accustomed to. It took me a while to let him take control and do what he wanted, and trust me, he did a lot! Did I mention that he was attentive as well! He just wanted to be able to do what I wanted; I had to just let him.

I guess that the first experience was equally satisfying for the both of us because he calls me on a regular basis these days. I love the experience although it’s mostly for his pleasure at the end of the day. Is it so wrong to love being an escort this much? When I am not with him I tend to think about our next date more. In my ‘field’, falling for a guy is one of the most dangerous things that can happen. I wouldn’t really say that I have fallen however. I would rather say that I am addicted! Yes, addicted is the perfect way to describe how I feel. I am addicted to the way that I am able to take a break and let someone else take control and this is something so especially rewarding that it should be cherished forever.

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