Whatever the client wants

Gail was an extroverted lesbian. Everything about her was dramatic. From her purple and pink hair, to her way-out clothes and colourful language, in short, she was a handful.

She was wealthy though and had rebelled against her upbringing. She visited me as she explained I was everything she was not. I was feminine, blonde, pretty, well-dressed, politely-mannered and above all, very sexy. As well, as wanting an escort who could give her three climaxes per session, she wanted to take the lead with my toys.

I just let her as it saved me from having to be inventive. I laughed as she turned up at my flat with blue-spiky hair, swearing at a cyclist who had almost mowed her down. She’d bought me a scarf and she handed me a tissue-wrapped package. I asked if this was one of her new toys she wanted to use on me.

“Fancy thinking that, dear girl! Actually I thought the blue would match your eyes. Have you put on some weight too; your ass looks quite curvy?”

I turned round and laughed as I noted the pinks in the scarf. “Fat, you mean. Thanks Gail. Actually the pink matches the colour of my womanly parts!” Gail hooted with laughter as she sat on a high stool and drank the gin and tonic I’d placed on the counter for her.

I continued, “Actually, I have putt on two kilos in weight. I’ve had six meals out in ten days, so I’m on the treadmill tonight and off for a swim tomorrow. The extra always hits my bottom unfortunately.”

Gail was curious. “So the dinners in London were with wealthy men then?”

I looked up at her and came round the back of her and slipped my hands up the sweater she was wearing and found her nipples. Gail never wore a bra. I kissed her neck as I fondled her, feeling myself start to get turned on. I whispered, “You know the rules; escorts never tell, so let’s go and see if that pink does match my shaven parts instead, eh?”

Gail needed no further encouragement as my fingers rubbed her gently.

“Baby, you are so hot,” she whispered as she slipped off the stool and took my hand. Gail was horny as she led me to the bedroom.

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