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House Party

“This is it?” Frances walked around Jeffrey’s stage at the latter’s residence, an abandoned church. “This is where you’re having your after party?”

“Yes,” Jeffrey said.

“What kind of after party is this?”

“It’s my after party.”

Frances just shrugged. She was an expensive London escort here for entertainment not to ask questions.

Porn videos never showed you how uncomfortable giving a man oral was.

At times, Frances felt like she couldn’t breathe while her mouth was full with Jeffrey’s manhood.

She stopped at times to catch her breath, gasping as she did so. But Frances, as a renowned London escort, didn’t want to appear weak.

She looked into Jeffrey’s eyes and went back to his sex, pretending not to feel any sort of discomfort.

Frances took a break from sucking when she noticed another woman on stage, naked as the day she was born, attempting to do something to Jeffrey. It didn’t matter whether she wanted to have penetrative sex with Jeffrey or was about to rub herself somewhere on Jeffrey’s body. With a sweep of her hand, Frances signaled for security to come and remove her. She was the only performance in the house tonight.

The woman was escorted peacefully out.

Frances’s display way enough to keep anyone else attempting to fuck Jeffrey at bay. People avoided getting on stage or, at the very least, getting too close to Jeffrey and Frances.

Jeffrey didn’t moan when he was approaching orgasm.

His lip quivered.

But that was the mildest effect of his approaching orgasm.

As Jeffrey’s orgasm grew stronger and stronger, the orgy grew wilder and wilder. People at the party thrust into each other faster and harder. Tongues flicked faster. For those lucky people who remembered to bring one into Jeffrey’s party, the highest settings on vibrators were used. Even bystanders without partners found themselves masturbating furiously.

People started coming. Loud moans and grunts filled the air.

Ejaculate went everywhere–in people, out of people, on people, and all sorts of things. Some people cleaned themselves up and started leaving the party. Others collapsed wherever they could from exhaustion.

It was only after the massive orgy ended that Jeffrey came in Frances’s mouth. He then took himself out of her mouth and put it back into his pants.

“The orgy is over,” Jeffrey said to the rest of the audience. “You don’t have to go home, but you have to get the hell out of here.”


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