Take me over the edge

It was way too early in the morning to wake up, but not too early to be pleased. Dennis had had a long night working his shift at the bar and thus only made his way home shortly before the sun came up. Like most nights when he works the late shift, he has a little too much to drink and ends up coming home with a boner that could satisfy a thousand girls. But I’m a selfish little girl and though, because I’m an escort, he has to deal with sharing me, there is no one in the world that I would want to share Dennis with. A hunk that great should only be enjoyed by me, but it wasn’t his man bits that would wake me up that night. I felt as the sheets slipped away from my breasts then I heard as his sweet voice whispered the most lovely things, telling me it was okay to just keep my eyes closed and relax. I did as I was told and my body tensed as my panties were pulled over my buttocks, thighs and removed from me completely. Then, what happened next, was the best feeling in the world.

His hands were still a bit chilly from the cold London air and he traced his finger over my body while breathing long, warm breaths onto me at the same time. My body didn’t know how to react and I just felt myself feeling an incredible kind of ecstasy over and over again such an intense feeling that only an escort who is fully in touch with her body could describe. I begged him to keep going though I knew that the only thing I needed to get me over the edge and spiraling into the most intense orgasms, was for him to continue. I needed him to wait just a bit longer so that I could climb a bit higher before he took me into sweet satisfaction.

Dennis definitely is a keeper and though I’d love for him to be able to cuddle me to sleep every night, what he does to me when he gets home late, is definitely worth the wait.

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