Young Pretty London Girl

I sat back on the sofa and watched as Josh who liked to chat as much as any of the London escort girls we knew; told me about a female client he’d been with. He hadn’t wanted to tell me at first, but the marks on his buttocks were so tell-tale, he couldn’t hide them.
As my boyfriend, Josh knows I’ve been an escort, but he doesn’t know about recent activity. We have some separate activities and friends, and I’m careful to keep that balance. As I smoothed lotion onto his buttocks carefully, I told him that there was a time I’d worked with a client who only wanted to spank my bare bottom and then masturbate over the redness afterwards. I explained that was all he’d wanted from the encounter, and all because he liked to be in control over a young, pretty London girl.

I didn’t tell Josh that the spanking was actually sexy, but I could tell from Josh’s response, this woman was of a similar ilk. All she wanted was power and control.

“All she wanted was oral and to spank me whilst I did it. She didn’t even touch me elsewhere.” I didn’t probe, instead, I stroked the redness and let my fingers do the talking again. “That’s nice,” he said and quietened.

“I guess there will be women and men who like to tie you up too.” I’d noticed the red marks on his wrists. “You don’t miss a thing, do you, Emma? She initially tied me up first so she could spank me. She wanted me to get an erection, but I didn’t. it doesn’t work like that; there has to be something sexy about it, and there wasn’t.”

I laughed. “Well, there was another time, I spanked a man. However, he was so tired after a long working week that he fell asleep during the session. I thought I was teasing him with a tickler, and letting my bare breasts rub against his back, but I must have lulled him into sleep. By the time he woke up, it was time for me to go.”

Josh was alert now. “This is turning me on. Tell me another story then.” Instead, I turned him over gently and looked at his expression. “There was a woman who only wanted to take photos of my private parts.” Before he could say anything, I closed my lips over his. We could create our own memories to talk about!


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