Hibiscus Flower Fizz

My birthday loomed. I think I am the typical Aquarian. Creative, funny, aloof and like my friendships to be close and few, rather than having lots of acquaintances escorts London lasses are sometimes like that. Josh was taking me out for a meal and a show, but it was also the last couple of days of the sales, which seemed to see prices of old stock being slashed by 70%. I had been given a gift voucher by my old madam, Sasha, which I could use towards clothes or accessories at one of the largest departments stores in West London. I liked living in West London, only a few minutes away from so many cultural and artistic sites, and near to luxury retail shopping opportunities.

I checked the voucher and realised it needed to be used within the next two weeks. No time like the present then!

I wrapped myself up warm and headed out. I had no idea what I wanted, so checked out four different fashion departments, before picking out a pair of escorts Valentino heels reduced to £200, with the voucher, I only had to pay £50, so I also bought a pair of plain Gucci pumps. I was in need of another pair of flats for the wandering walks around London, with Josh. He loved exploring hidden nooks and crannies. He’d even signed me up on a walk the following week; a historical walk, but he would not tell me more. I just hoped it would not be raining on that day! I tried on three glamorous designer dresses but decided I had enough evening dresses for now. I did buy a funky multi-coloured glass bangle as it would go with lots of informal outfits.

I finished off with a trip to the sushi bar and ordered a new Champagne-based cocktail I had heard some escorts talking about recently called a Hibiscus Flower Fizz and sat on my stool, happy with my purchases. I ordered the Miso soup followed by sashimi, in the form of salmon, prawns and sea bass. A light lunch, a real pre-birthday treat and up to the standard I would expect here.

I grabbed my purchases and headed out, not forgetting to buy some loose powder to top up my depleted supply back home. A good day of shopping and eating and I couldn’t wait to try on my heels at home.


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