Seductress Escort Lover

I woke up and realised how light and airy the room felt. Josh was still asleep beside me; looking gorgeously-dishevelled, London escorts like that kind of look. It has been a week since we’d moved in together and it has been hard-work unpacking, but fun. Josh realised on day two when we were having a chat, that the only time I’d lived with a guy before was in my last year of university, and that only lasted the eight-month term. It was different though back then. All we did was to hang out in his bedsit in a large student-populated multi-unit house; have sex, do some study and socialise with friends and party hard in London. There was little responsibility and no real commitment beyond the end of university. That was when I realised I could have good sex, and I’ve never looked back. Now I’m twenty-seven – only just. I’ve been doing the escort business for almost four years and Sasha, my ex-Madam has known me as one of her top girls for three of those years. Now there seemed to be more responsibility. Josh, who is twenty-eight, has lived with a previous girlfriend for almost three years.

We chatted and divided the bills between us. I’d pay almost two-thirds of the rent, the water and electricity bill. Josh would pay the rest of the rent and the other utilities and council tax. It was grown-up and a part of me was feeling more grown-up than ever before.

I looked down at his tousled hair. We had a good relationship. The sex was good, not the best I’ve ever had, but it was loving and caring, with that little bit of an edge between us. As I woke up, he stretched. “What were you thinking about just then?” Josh stretched, as he grabbed to pull me close to him and deposited a kiss on my head.

“How this feels all grown-up. That’s all.” I was talking into his neck and he giggled as my breath tickled him. “Are you getting cold feet?” Josh asked, his voice sounding a little tense. I pulled back and cupped his face. “No, it’s just a new feeling that’s all. So far, it’s been great. I just want that to continue.”

Josh pushed me onto my back. He looked down at my naked body, and sighed. “There’s no reason for it not to continue, is there?” I shook my head and giggled. I knew he had that naughty look in his eyes. I grabbed a pillow and put it between us. “It’s a pity you have to be in work in a just over an hour.” I told him the time and we had overslept. Josh got up quickly. “There is always later, you seductress!” He said that with a wink as he went into the bathroom.


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