Great boobs and Great Ass

I watched Belinda’s girlfriend, Maggie, arrive. Short, tubby, pretty, with a huge smile and pink spiky hair, she looked like one of the escorts London accent, great body and definitely up for fun.

“Well,” she declared, pushing her firm breasts out towards me,” I bet you’ve not had anyone like me before.”

I stifled a giggle.

“On the contrary, I’ve slept with two women who look vaguely like you. One is famous, married to a man, and is a closet bisexual. I can’t tell you who she is though.”

Belinda and Maggie looked at each other. Their minds were working overtime. I knew they were already trying to think who it could be, but I wasn’t telling. Non -disclosure is a huge part of every escorts job, especially London girls who entertain the rich and famous but, it would keep them guessing.

I planned that this would be a fun encounter. Maggie was already sizing up my bottom in my tight blue dress. She looked me over at the front too. “Great boobs, great ass; so if I’m correct, we have you for an hour, so what are we waiting for?”

Belinda laughed, putting her hands to her mouth. “Maggie that’s very direct.” She declared, her eyes already looking at my cleavage as I bent over to take off my tights. I unbuttoned Maggie’s blouse, and Belinda took off her dress and knickers. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Soon all three of us were naked. Maggie looked so different to the tall, slim form of her girlfriend. It was truly a case of opposites attracting each other.

I took out my first toy, a version of the ‘rabbit, and asked Maggie if I could use it on Belinda.

Maggie folded her arms, almost like a child, and asked what she would be doing. I explained that I could use my tongue and fingers from my other hand on her. Then I’d swap around, so they both had benefit of my oral skills.

They quietened and smiled at each other. I switched on the toy, looked at them, and smiled.

Belinda kneeled on the bed and I traced he toy over her bottom and between her legs, whilst Maggie played with my breasts. She cupped them and sighed. “You are gorgeous.” Then she disappeared and headed between my legs to explore what she could find. At least she wasn’t shy.


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