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The weekend started and I was surprised that none of my friends had called to tell me what the plans were for clubbing in London tonight. Just when I was about to reach for my phone, it started to ring and not surprisingly, Alana was to be heard on the other line. She had spent the entire day trying to find something exciting to do but had failed to find a party she believed would provide us with an adequate amount of entertainment. Rather than allowing the weekend to slip away right before us, she suggested that we had a girl’s night. We hadn’t had one of those in a while and so, I definitely was not opposed to the idea. I got to Alana’s place at around eight o’clock and was happy to see the amazing selection of drinks she had to offer. There was vodka and rum, beer and wine- everything escorts needed to have a good time.

Not long after I arrived, the other ladies showed up. It was time to get the party started. Alana turned up the music, cleared away the furniture and allowed the strobe lights to make her home look like a real club. We all drank our hearts out and danced even harder: The weekend spirit had finally arrived. When our feet were tired from all the dancing, we settled down on the sofa for the next event. I thought maybe we’d watch a movie or something, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The doorbell sounded and Alana hurried to her feet to get it. I looked over to the door and was astonished to see two police officers arguing with her. Did we have the music up too loud? Were we in trouble? These London police officers can be really strict and I had no idea what we’d gotten ourselves into until Alana turned around with a smile plastered all over her face.

The officers made their way in and proceeded to rid themselves of their clothing- one piece at a time. I watched intently as their amazing bodies danced to the beat of the music. This was the perfect way for us girls to enjoy the weekend. It was nice to have someone tend to my needs all night long and that’s definitely what these officers did.

I have to say that we’ll be having a lot more girl’s nights in the future.

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