With busty girls it’s always a great time

At one point in my life before the perks of escort dating were known to me, I wanted to be a banker. I would watch all these movies with these beautiful full-bosomed ladies who worked in the banks in London’s square mile, dressed to perfection in their tight skirts and tops that were seconds away from bursting wide open. I would dream about all the hot guys who not only worked in the bank but also the ones who walked through the doors. In fact, I almost pursued this career and then I realized what I really should be doing.
I was searching for a job that would keep me satisfied and though it’s possible to sneak around in the back rooms of a bank, I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to really put my skills on display. So, instead of becoming a banker, I decided to become one of the city’s escorts and I couldn’t be more pleased with my career choice. The men that I have met during this time are hotter than any guy decked out in his bank uniform. And, to make things better, the type of guys who come to me are always up to the things that I wanted- they are always up for a fun filled and adventurous night with a seriously busty hot chick. You can bet that this is just the night they have in store when they pay me a visit.

I remember my first day working as an escort. I thought that I would have been nervous or a little bit shy but as soon as my first client stepped foot in my doors this feeling slipped away. Instead, I was filled with excitement. I couldn’t wait to get to work, showing my first visitor just how great I was at my favorite thing to do. Needless to say, once the night was over, he was astonished to hear that it was my first night on the job. He continued to tell me that I was the best and most stacked girl he ever had and that he’d definitely be back. I would have pushed the thought away, thinking that he was just being nice, but when my next client said the same thing, I knew that they were both telling the truth. To this day, both guys have become my regulars, always taking the time out of their busy schedules to be treated to the best type of fun that a man can have in London with a gorgeous well-proportioned woman. I definitely look forward to showing more of these lovely men what a great time is all about.

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