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The Best Escorts Dont Come Cheaply

“Come here, look at this one!”

Diamond Sloane stepped around a rack of clothes, looking around for the man to match the voice that had spoken to her. Escorts London ladies with finesse have very alert senses she, spotted him a moment later, standing on the other side of the aisle and holding up a deep red floor length gown. She smiled, making her way over to him and taking the hanger from him; holding up the garment and looking it over. This was certainly a perk in her job. She didn’t have to look at the price tag to know that it was expensive.

“You think it’s appropriate enough?” Diamond asked as she held out the dress for Peter to take again. “You said this London party wasn’t going to be that formal. I’d buy something like this for the Prime Minister’s parties.”

“It’s perfect,” Peter replied. He took the dress and turned, making his way towards the front. “Do you need shoes?” he called over his shoulder. Diamond followed him at a slow pace, a small smirk printed across her lips. Peter was a regular, and he sure wasn’t shy about shopping for her anymore. Or even being in public with her. A lot of her clients were too afraid that she had some sign with ESCORT printing on it attached to her body, and wouldn’t be seen with her outside of parties they invited her to.

“You’ve bought me plenty of shoes,” Diamond said as she caught up to Peter near the shoe section of the department store. “I’m sure I can pull something off with what I have.” Stepping up next to him, she leaned against him, giving him a smoldering look. “Now, tell me what we’re really doing tonight,” she said, voice silky. It was a weakness of his, it seemed, because it broke him every time.

Peter cleared his throat and gave Diamond an innocent look. “We may or may not be going to a yacht party,” he said. “Prince William may or may not be present. I got that job I applied for. I’m working Royal Security in two weeks.”

Which means a pay raise for me, Diamond thought as she beamed at the balding middle aged man, throwing her arms around him. She made a lot from him as it was, but his promise for an increase in payment was tempting her. He was nearly paying for her new house in London.

Diamond walked next to Peter as they headed for the register, hand resting on his upper arm as she gave him all the right looks. She may as well be working in the palace with this new advancement.

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