I Do Escorting Infrequently

The drinks were finished. I checked my watch. It wasn’t even one. Sebastian was actually nicer than I thought he would be. I joked with him about something and he was sharp with his banter. Then the atmosphere changed. I provide a London escort service I was there for a reason; only there for a reason.

I heard my phone beep and I apologised for the intrusion. It happened to be Sasha and a cold feeling of dread hit my stomach. I didn’t text back immediately.

We walked back to his apartment, not in silence, but it was as though he was viewing me differently. He asked about where I lived and my place of upbringing.

The apartment was luxurious. Lots of cool artwork adorned the walls. I even liked the two bronze sculptures, and the cushions were expensive as I ran my fingers over the thick fabric. “That’s what I do,” I mentioned. “I make soft furnishings. I do this escorting work infrequently so I can save up to buy a flat in West Kensington.”

I could not bring Damien into this. I sat on the high stool as Sebastian asked me questions. “Give me a card for your business. I can help you out. Perhaps it will be more lucrative for you, well, in the long run.”

I had placed myself out there, so I did – I gave him a card. He placed the salad onto the plates and poured out a glass of Prosecco each.

There was a familiarity about him I could not place. The food was delicious and I said so. “I took a Thai cookery course and this was all I really can remember to make.” He looked at me and grinned. I replied before he could ask anything else. “Is there no end to your talents?”

As soon as I realised the implication of my question, I blushed, and Sebastian picked up on that. “You’ll have to tell me afterwards. Do you want to sit on the sofa and chill for a few minutes?”

I nodded, slid off the stool and Sebastian cleared away the plates. I noted his physique and trendy chopped hair style.

Then I sat as far away from Sebastian on the sofa, as possible.

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