London spa’s can be interesting places

Sometimes an escort needs to unwind and one of the best ways to do that is to take a day at the spa. When I’m there, I always request my favorite little masseuse Logan, though he truly isn’t little at all. In fact, he’s got some of the biggest and most masculine hands. You’d think that from all the oils he had to rub on naked bodies day after day, his hands would be exceptionally soft. However, he’s got just the right bit of roughness to send tickles up any lady’s spine.

Tucked away in this London haven, I feel more at home than possible. I always notice Logan check me out a little when he walks into the room and from the way that he touches my body I know that he likes what he sees. Once, when I was feeling in the mood after having had Logan remove all the tension from my back and shoulders, I decided to do something a little naughty.

Logan was busy rubbing sweet smelling oils into my legs when I whispered in the sweetest voice, ‘a bit higher.’ He did as I told and I repeated this command until I had his hands right where I wanted them with his fingers doing things that one wouldn’t think was permitted in such a place. I took a look back at Logan to see that he was getting extremely excited. He was exceptionally turned on from touching me in my most secret places.

‘Why don’t you lock the door so that we can really turn up the heat in this room,’ I said to him and he did as he was told.

This was the first time that I had gotten up to such naughty things with Logan and it seemed to me as though he had never had such a time with a client before. But like they say, there’s a first for everything and I’m incredibly sure that Logan was overjoyed that he got to have his way with an experienced escort like me. I know this because he was all too keen on scheduling my next visit and had this special twinkle in his eye when he said goodbye.

I’ll definitely be heading back to that lovely London spa in less than a month as I have already started to crave the release that Logan had given to me. His hands really do know how to work magic.

About the author:
A resident of Earls Court, Amelia is a fun-time London escort who enjoys blogging and being naughty with her clients.

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