Courtesans in London understand the notion of appreciation

I enjoy the finer things in life, and the gentlemen who choose me as their escort enjoy the finest time in life when they’re with me. At just 22 years of age, I have developed a skill set like no other, one where the focus is on everything that has to do with pleasing.

When I’m out and about with Adam, a frequent patron of my escorts agency, who I also consider a dear friend, one who never hesitates to work me into his schedule, time seems to fly way to fast. But that’s what happens when you’re having fun, right? He loves the fact that when we’re in a fancy restaurant in London, we can converse in Italian, and let each other in on the naughty things that we’re minutes away from doing to each other. And everyone else in the room is oblivious to the topic of our conversation. Oh but if only they could pick up on what we’re talking about, jealousy would encompass their entire being. Once we’re alone, the candles get lit and the sweet aroma and dim lighting makes everything romantic and sensual.

He’s surprised me more than once with a bathtub so perfectly foamed that one just cannot resist bating all my tensions away and settling in. Rose petals and the most decadent champagne purchased from the finest wine merchants in London are always a pleasant addition to a romantic time in the bathroom. I love being treated like a princess, I love when Adam goes all out, time after time just to make me feel special. And because he never ceases to show me just how much I mean to him, I always return the favour and let him feel just how much he means to me. The notion of appreciation is important for both the principal and agent, and as one London’s professional escorts, this is something that I put on a high pedestal.

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