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The Escort From London Purred

Penthouse hotels were always Isabela’s favorites. Perhaps it was her lavish lifestyle as an escort in London that had grown on her, or the simple fascination with the size and privacy. Either way, she never would have chosen any other setup for her work, and it wasn’t any different that night. Especially considering the company she was blessed with.

“I thought you said you couldn’t dance?” Regina asked as she pulled Isabela closer to her and twirled into a sudden spin that had Isabela letting out a soft giggle and tightening her arms around the taller woman’s neck. It had been a while since Isabela had so much fun; it was clear that Regina shared that with her. It certainly helped that the other woman was drop dead gorgeous, with black hair that reached the tops of her shoulders and firm features. She wore a tight blue dress that fell to her knees, black tights that hugged her legs seductively, and black pumps that put her four inches taller than her natural height. Our of every female Isabela had dealt with over the past year…Regina was certainly her favorite.

“I can’t dance,” Isabela pointed out, her accented voice a near purr. “You’re doing all the work. I’m just moving when you do.” Regina’s grip around her waist was doing all the work; every time Regina spun, her arms would tighten around her, and Isabela knew to brace herself in her silver heels. It made things quite simple.

“I suppose I am, aren’t I?” Regina hummed. Her arms tightened around Isabela again, and the escort from London prepared herself to be spun once more. This time, however, Regina backed her up until Isabela was pressed to the wall, then leaned in to nip gently at her earlobe. Isabela almost melted right into the wall. “It’s not often I get a body so willing to move with me,” Regina said in a quiet purr, and arousal spiked right to Isabela’s core. Damn, this woman was good.

“It’s not often I find a gorgeous American woman so willing to take control,” Isabela replied. Her fingers dug into Regina’s hair as the fair skinned woman caught her lips with her own, and a small moan slipped into the kiss. Isabela wasn’t even sure which one of them made the noise, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t taking clients more than two or three times a week anymore…she was long past due for a good night, and Regina seemed more than willing to give it to her.

When Regina lifted Isabela against the wall and pulled at the black dress that fell halfway down the escort’s thigh, Isabela grabbed at her hand. “As much as I want to get on with this, I think I want some more dancing first,” she mumbled against her lips. “It’s still far too early.” Regina pouted – an expression that didn’t quite look like it belonged on her face – but lowered Isabela back to the floor and pulled her from the wall.

“You’re lucky you’ve impressed me so far,” Regina said before wrapping her arms tight around her waist again. She pulled her towards the stereo playing soft music and turned the volume dial; the music played more clearly through the room, and Isabela leaned into Regina as the American woman pulled her back into a sway.

Isabela was certainly looking forward to the rest of the night.


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