Surrogate Date

Helen stood in front of the flat, looking up at the storied floors. She sighed.

“This building better have a lift”, she murmured to herself as she stepped in. She had been told that this client was spending a significant chunk of change to hire her as an escort because he was bitter at his girlfriend for leaving him high and dry for some rich London businessman. He had a wedding to go to, of a mutual friend of his and his ex and he wanted to show her up by turning up with a more beautiful woman.

Helen had no doubt she filled the criteria. She was tall, model slim with long brunette hair and green eyes a super tight vagina that the boys just loved and ate up. She had no doubt Mr. Johns would be pleased. She was looking forward to having a good time, doing a great acting job pretending to love Casper Johns and have some of those canapés they liked to serve at weddings. She’d make sure to avoid the ladies’ room though, in case the ex was interested in a cat fight escorts London’s finest just dont do cat fights.

The knock on his door was answered by a tall man, on the skinny side with freckles on what seemed like every inch of exposed skin. His eyes widened and he smiled in delight to see her.

‘Yep. Told you’ she thought smugly to herself before smiling and stepping into his house.

“Hi Casper. I’m Helen, your date for the night.”

“H-hi. Really chuffed to meetcha. Umm, come in. Did er, did the agency about Zara and them?“ Casper blushed prettily and Helen took pity on him.

“Yes they told me. Don’t worry Cas. We’ll give your ex the show of a lifetime.”

Casper smiled with delight, “I’ll er, just get my shoes yeah?” he said gesturing down the hall.

“I’ll wait here”, Helen replied, sitting on the sofa and crossing her legs. Casper stared down their length, down to her louboutins. He swallowed once, then hurried down the hall.

The wedding reception was just getting under way when Casper tensed, eyes on a couple arriving, laughing as they greeted someone near the entrance. Helen leaned toward Casper.

“Is that her?” she whispered in his ear. He shivered as she meant him to, and was completely distracted.

“Y-yes”, he replied, eyes swiveling to meet hers.

“Kiss me then”, she said and his eyes widened. She grabbed his chin in her hand and pulled him closer, meeting his lips with hers. He tensed for a minute and then threw himself into the kiss, everything else forgotten.

Zara who?

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