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Client and agency girl the special connection

One night while I was out in London with my escort girlfriends from the agency, I got a call from a client who I hadn’t seen for quite some time due to him being out of town for business. I instantly filled with joy as I saw his number pop up on the screen of my cellphone because I knew that his phone call meant that he was back in London.

Upon answering, I was graced by the roughness of his voice, something that never ceases to get me excited. We talked for a minute and he told me how much he missed me and would love to see me. I’m not usually the kind of person to ditch my girlfriends for a guy but I had missed him so much that I just couldn’t say no. Of course, my girlfriends teased me for a bit before saying goodbye and wishing me a fun time.

I took a cab from the club to his apartment and headed up the elevator with my heart racing faster than it ever had. I was truly excited to see him and there was no containing this excitement. I guess he was just as excited because after just a few seconds of knocking on his front door it flew open and I was presented with Derrick holding just the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. ‘Thank you so much, Derrick, they’re beautiful’ I said, taking the flowers from him and throwing my free arm around his neck to embrace him.

‘Not as beautiful as you, my precious Angelina,’ he replied. Derrick sure knew how to make a lady feel special and in that moment there was nothing that I wanted to do more than thank him in those most pleasurable of ways. He headed to the kitchen and picked up a vase for the flowers, filling it with water and then proceeded to pour us both a glass of wine.

I headed over to the couch and waited impatiently to be greeted by this man that I hadn’t seen in far too long. Not before long, our night took a turn for the better and then the best. Sometimes an escort develops such a deep connection with her clients and this is exactly what happened with Derrick and me. To be honest, it’s something that I wouldn’t trade for the world because it just makes our relationship that much more special.

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