Long Dark Lashes

Martin was a new acquisition. I gathered from his conversation that Cindy an escort friend from the agency, had serviced him at some point. I even remembered Cindy telling me about a guy she almost fell for and I was sure his name was Martin. I couldn’t check the booking history, but I was very curious about him.


I had the bosses permission to explain that I was managing her business for a month or two, so I did. On the evening he wanted to book, there was a very beautiful and discerning woman available. Of course, that woman was I, but he didn’t know that. As far as he knew, I was Janet in the office.


I felt unusually excited on the evening of the meeting. I ensured my Alexander McQueen jumpsuit looked good with the strappy Oscar de la Renta sandals, and checked my toe-nails and fingernails.


Taking a deep breath, I wandered into the restaurant and was shown to a private room, where a candlelit table was set. I gave the waiter my jacket and he looked at my figure appreciatively.


As I looked at the original, modern artwork on the wall, I wondered how this would pan out, and heard a voice. I turned to see an extremely handsome man with dark hair coming towards me. He quickly appraised me and smiled, as I rose. Martin kissed me on both cheeks. He was at least six-foot six, broad-shouldered, and his beauty took my breath away. I dare not tell Cindy about this.


Martin sat down, looked at me and took my hand. “You are exquisite,” he breathed. I watched his blue eyes under long, dark lashes and could feel the heat rise in my cheeks.


“I’m guessing that you are not disappointed with me then?” Martin teased, as I took a sip of water to try and calm the hammering in my chest.


“We will eat, but only have time for two courses, as we need to get to the art auction at eight. I’m buying a lovely piece for the wall of my new house.”


So we chatted about art and I realised that Martin was not only a great conversationalist, he actually appeared interested in me and my soft furnishings business. We headed off to the auction after eating a delicious, but light meal. We drank fizzy wine as we wandered around and art-lovers with more knowledge than I, talked about texture, gouache and watercolours with aplomb.


Martin won two paintings and I dare not look at him when the figures escalated into tens of thousands. We headed outside and Martin hailed a cab. “Thank you for a delightful evening, I’ll be in touch soon.” Then he paid the cab driver and I took off. I honestly did not know what to think! Perhaps Cindy had made more of an impression than I’d thought!



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