His gazebo was made for two

The smell of freshly cut flowers is something that every escort just absolutely adores. Nick knows this all too well and thus, whenever he’s in London and shows up for a visit, he never forgets to bring some flowers from his beautiful garden. There aren’t many men who can maintain a garden and perhaps it’s an odd hobby for your typical man but there is nothing typical about Nick. His beautiful face, strong jawline and fierce eyes are just the beginning of what has me so mesmerized. Complement that with broad shoulders, muscular arms, and an undeniably fit body and you have got a man that is simply irresistible. The fact that Nick always brings me flowers just adds to his appeal, it shows that underneath that tough exterior is a man who really looks out for a woman and likes to tend to what she wants.

The first time I was introduced to Nick’s garden, I had my breath taken away. So many beautiful flowers in one place, I couldn’t believe that this was the work of a man. However, he assured me that he didn’t have a wife or a girlfriend to thank for the spectacular backyard of his home on the outskirts of London. Of course, my attraction to him increased upon hearing this. In the corner of his garden, neatly tucked away was a gazebo of the most comfortable kind. A sofa, big enough for two was the main feature that stuck out to me. I knew that as soon as the gorgeous Nick was done giving me a tour, I would have to show him just how much fun he could have in his gazebo.

So when he stated, ‘and that’s all there is’, I informed him that I had a surprise for him. I unraveled his tie from around his neck and covered his eyes tightly. Holding him by the hand, I guided him to his gazebo and seated him on the sofa. Before removing the blindfold, I removed my clothing, ensuring that once he was introduced to light again, I was the only thing he wanted to look at. Needless to say, we had an immense amount of fun doing naughty things in his gazebo. Once our little session was through, he picked a single rose from his garden and placed it between my ample breasts. So him bringing me flowers when he comes to my London flat is like him saying that I’m an escort who never disappoints.

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