The afternoon quickie

I was tired so was pleased that Richard, in his busy office, had only booked me for an hour via the agency, which is my minimum timescale for an appointment. When I arrived, I was warned that Richard only had a forty-minute break in his schedule. I smiled wryly. I’m one of most seductive escorts in the capital; only ten minutes was all that he really needed.

His usual PA, with whom I’d had two encounters, had left, and I was faced with a stony-faced, middle-aged woman with a poor hair-dye job, and expensive suit. Her black hair, pale make-up and red lipstick made me think about Geisha girls. I wondered if she was as strict in the bedroom as she was manning Richard’s diary. She also had an idea about my profession as a call girl.

Richard was his usual excited self. The sofa-bed in his office was made-up, and there was a glass of wine, but not champagne as usual. I asked him why and he motioned to the door. “She doesn’t want me drunk for my meeting at four. What do you think of her?” I laughingly replied, “I think she wears tight metal knickers!” We both laughed, but Richard was already unbuttoning my blouse so he could start to fondle my ample breasts.

Within ten minutes, Richard was pumping away, and when he came, he cried out. I couldn’t help but laugh. “I reckon she just heard you having an orgasm.”

Richard looked at me and blushed. “Was I loud?” I nodded almost shyly.

At that reply, his blush deepened. “I only picked her because I didn’t think she’s sexy. She’s the complete opposite to you. With you, I’d never get anything done.”

I quickly dressed and checked that I had everything. When his PA knocked on the door, I was ready to leave. She brought a file in with her and fixed me with a look that almost turned me to stone. Richard didn’t say anything, but he dropped his phone. When we all went to pick it up, I noticed she wore hold-ups as her skirt rose. It didn’t pass unnoticed by Richard either, and he blushed furiously. Perhaps there was more to his new PA than met the eye!


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