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Well, every single one of the escorts at the office will be envious of me because I’ve just met the new tenants of the flat I bought in west London, and they appear very pleasant. I noticed the female was approximately my age and height, but she was dark-haired. I knew she was wondering how I could have afforded to buy a flat to rent out, and the question was on the tip of her tongue the whole time.

I’d dumbed down my outfit for the day, wearing a Whistles ensemble, with my black, suede wedge heels. The guy, Simon, looked quite effeminate, but I warmed to him when he brought out home-made chocolate cookies.

The question that Jennie wanted to ask finally burst forth. “So, what do you do for living, or is it too rude to ask?” I hid my smirk with a sip of the tea. I wasn’t sure which part she meant was rude; the nature of my job, or her direct approach, “surely she had not guessed that I was an escort”. I shook my head and answered. “I run my own soft furnishings business, but I was left a lot of money when my husband passed away. I didn’t want to squander it, so I bought this place instead.”

I pretended to cough and I retrieved a tissue from my handbag. Simon had a horrified expression on his face and Jennie was almost cowering behind a cushion she had picked up. “So, every time I come round, I get quite emotional. I was going to bury his ashes into the wall when I re-plastered this room, but then decided against it. They are now behind the headboard in my bedroom.”

I saw them share a look as I took a biscuit and thanked them. “What about you then?” Simon could hardly get the words out that he was a self-employed music teacher and Jennie was a college teacher. I nodded and picked up my bag. “Well, I had better be going. If you need anything, ring me. If something goes wrong, ring the number on the card, okay? He’s a great handyman and he’ll let me know if anything contractually needs to be sorted out.”

They both nodded quietly and I did feel slightly guilty. Part of me is always acting, but I try not to think about it too much.


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