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Tomasz had a light touch

I had explained to Sasha that I was planning to leave her London outfit. I knew I had to fulfil my remaining five engagements, but I was happy about that. I could manage myself and it would be just as lucrative for me arranging my own escorts dates, given the standard of the clientele I had found by myself.

One of my engagements was with a Russian millionaire, Tomasz, who I had accompanied at a casino. Unfortunately Vlad, his main competitor, had whisked me away and Tomasz had not been too happy about it.

This appointment had been in the diary for a month. I was looking forward to dinner in his luxurious hotel. His chauffeur picked me up and I was shown to his suite by one of his assistants. We were dining privately and I noticed he was watching me very carefully.

Then he asked me if since I had returned to London had Vlad used my escorts service recently. I shook my head and explained that I had not seen him for a few weeks as he had gone back to Russia. The next news completely startled me. Tomasz told me Vlad had returned to Russia to wed his super-model, millionaire girlfriend and they were now on holiday at his hotel complex in Cyprus.

I had no idea, but there was a part of me that was pleased that this part of my business was coming to a close. Only those that I vetted would get through in future. I think Tomasz was looking for a reaction, so I was completely honest with him.

“I do wish him well. Please let him know that when you see him.”

Tomasz smirked and pulled me to him. He kissed my lips lightly and then his hands found my breasts. “Tell him yourself. He’ll be back in a week.”

I smiled as his fingers started to work their magic on me. He had a light touch, unlike Vlad who was more urgent and rough with his hands.

“That will not be possible unfortunately. I’m closing that part of my business. Actually Tomasz, you’ll be the last of that group I will be sleeping with.”

As Tomasz roared with laughter, he explained he would take much delight in imparting that news to Vlad. Then he picked me up and took me over to the bed.


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