The Elevator Pitch

Grand parties never got old. Diamond Romel swept through the dimly lit ballroom, glancing around her now and then. It wasn’t her usual crowd, but she supposed it would do. The escorts London business had been slow for the Christmas season, which was unlikely, considering her profession. On any normal year, she would have twice the clients. Christmas presents to bribe work partners – who didn’t love a night with an escort paid for by another? – and husbands desperate for a reprieve from all the holiday bustle from their wives.

It seemed to be rather lacking that year. Every now and then she would spot someone that looked promising (and rich) enough, but was forced to move on with a sense of annoyance when their wives suddenly took their arms or they left before she could say a word. It hadn’t been this hard to find a client in London in years.

Diamond was on her third glass of wine, thoroughly annoyed and ready to quit wasting her time, when a light voice next to her caught her attention. “Well, aren’t you fancy for a little party like this?” it said, and Diamond’s head whipped around, raven hair moving around her shoulders. She was startled by how attractive the woman that had spoken to her was; light brown skin with medium black hair, and sparkling brown eyes that spoke volumes. She wore a cocktail dress the exact tone of her skin, making her appear almost nude, and the black heels strapped to her feet put her a foot taller than Diamond.

“I don’t exactly own low key party dresses,” Diamond said after a moment of just staring. She had come here looking for new blood, new clientele. Not to chat with some woman whose tone indicated that she was judging Diamond and her choice of clothing.

“It’s beautiful,” the woman said, surprising Diamond. They looked at each other for a moment before the woman held her hand out for Diamond to shake.

“My name is Andrea,” the woman said. Diamond eyed her hand for a moment before taking it, blinking in yet more surprise when Andrea lifted it to press a kiss to her knuckles. Well then…this was different.

“Diamond,” Diamond replied after a moment, thinking it only fair, since Andrea introduced herself. The two merely gazed at each other, and Diamond could already see where this was going.


“This elevator has to stop eventually,” Diamond gasped against Andrea’s lips as she was lifted against the wall behind her. The floor length dress had been yanked up around her waist, and she had to give Andrea credit for her lack of struggle keeping it there. This had gone a little too far, however – Diamond hadn’t gotten as far as pointing out that she was an escort, and getting out of this without getting paid would be an issue.

“So, we set a new challenge for ourselves,” Andrea muttered as she attached her lips to Diamond’s pulse and sucked hard. “Let’s see if I can get you to finish before we hit the thirtieth floor.” Her fingers had started pressing against Diamond’s clit through the silk fabric of her panties, and she smirked when the other woman’s hips began moving against her hand.

“We’re at twenty-two,” Diamond said. “No one’s ever pulled that off.”

“If I don’t pull it off, I’ll give you seven thousand dollars,” Andrea said confidently, and Diamond’s head whipped up from the wall. Andrea laughed. “You think I don’t know what you are? You’ll get your money. You’ll just get more if I can’t make you finish.”

As Andrea shoved her fingers deep into Diamond and began thrusting quickly, Diamond let her head fall back again, groaning louder than intended. God, she hoped the elevator didn’t stop before they got to the thirtieth floor…

It didn’t matter. She was jerking and thrusting against Andrea’s fingers to draw out her orgasm by the time they hit the twenty seventh floor. And when Andrea put her down, picked up her purse from the floor, and placed four thousand dollars into her hand, Diamond felt a sense of accomplishment. Well…this certainly was a night for new blood.


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