Busty chicks in love

As with so many girls from London I’m not usually one to let my guard down, but there was something about such a sincere escort like Anna, that made me want to let her in, completely. Perhaps it was the sparkle in her eyes when she looked at me. Or maybe the way my name sounded like absolute perfection slipping through her rosy lips. Whatever it was, I allowed her to get through to the parts of me that are usually hidden. I tore my walls down and permitted her to tap at each and every one of my emotions. I wouldn’t say it was a bad decision but it was surely a difficult one. Having had my heart broken one too many times, I wasn’t certain that I was ready to let someone in like that again. But Anna with her full-bosomed figure and kind and trusting nature fully convinced me.

She said, ‘Dior, opening up to me would never be a mistake. I’ll be there in any and every way you want.’
And that look in her eyes, it was there again when she spoke those words. So sincere, so heartfelt. I couldn’t help but to pull her in closer to me and get a taste of those luscious lips I’d been dreaming about. I gave her the answer she wanted through that kiss. The way her tongue worked around mine was magical and the way she breathed breathlessly into my mouth sent goose bumps venturing to the extremities of my body. At that point, I wanted everything. I wanted all of this gorgeous busty woman and I was certain she felt the same way. Slowly, I unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it down her shoulders and tracing my fingers along her soft skin. She tilted her head back as I worked my hands up her neck, behind her head and tangled my fingers in her long golden locks.
‘I want you to be much more than my escort,’ she whispered.
But now wasn’t the time for words. I wanted her to show me- just like I wanted to show her- how much we meant to each other. Gently, I pushed her back on the bed. She giggled in anticipation of what was to come. And that night in London, you can guarantee there was no one in the world I would have rather been with and also no one Anna would have rather spend her time with. Passion filled the air and love filled out hearts as we engaged in the most lust worthy expeditions.

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