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Demanding and Full of Hormones

I dearly hoped Milo would not come back downstairs, as I crouched on all fours. It would be too noisy to move the sofa out looking like the archetypal Martini girl waiting to ravaged by a London man in need of an escorts intimate skills.

I felt around and my hand alighted onto the coin. Without picking it up, or turning it over, I carefully slid it out. This was stupid, I know, but I could feel my heart beating.

I closed my eyes, and then opened them quickly. The Queen stared at me and I felt a little guilty, and less than patriotic.

Well, the spare bed, it will probably be!

I was just pleased he hadn’t seen me with my bottom in the air – on the other hand…


A few minutes later, everything was locked up. The coin throw was right. Milo had taken the spare room, and the door was still slightly open, but there was no light on in the room.

I undressed, rushed my teeth and took all of my carefully-applied make-up off thoroughly and splashed my face with water. I set the alarm for ten minutes to six, as the chauffeur would pick him up at six, so I needed to ensure he was up and dressed. I put on a long t-shirt style nightdress – just in plain baby-pink. The nights were getting cooler, and now alone, I had only my pillow to cuddle up to.

I turned off the light and lay there. The caffeine was keeping me awake and I tossed and turned. It was disconcerting to have a stranger in my house, but not in my bed.

I turned towards the door as I heard a noise. Milo was walking around, but then I heard my door open. Milo’s shape filled the room, and I said nothing.

He walked to the bed, got in, and I realised he was naked. Are we breaking the code of escorts or “Is this okay?” I nodded, but he didn’t wait for a reply as his lips came down on mine, full of want and passion. I shifted and pulled him to me. This would be a better ending to the evening than I thought.

Milo’s hands reach under my nightshirt and explored my body as we wrestled on the bed. I held his buttocks and could feel the youth of his body, demanding and full of hormones. I had a feeling he would keep this encounter quiet. That was just the way he was.

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