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I’m so lucky to enjoy my job so much, because millions of people would rather do anything than get up for work in the morning. Now I am one of the in demand London escorts, my life has been one big party, sometimes all day and all night. I meet some lovely people and they are always so kind and generous, if a little naughty every now and then!  My typical date is a 24 hour affair with lots of lovely action involved. It could start off in a top London restaurant and who knows where we will end up? Only last week I was out with Ian, one of my favourite chaps, and he was particularly hot under the collar that day. After at least 3 hours of indoor Olympics he asked me where I would like to go.

I usually let Ian decide, but this evening I really wanted to be entertained in a slightly different way. Twenty minutes later we were being ushered into his Limousine and I must say that he looks rather dashing in a Tuxedo. My own outfit was typically me; a belt sized mini skirt, a low cut top and a sexy smile. As we made our way into the rear of the building, everyone’s eyes were on my stunning legs and perky boobs. I had no idea where we were going, but what a shock I had as we sat down. The usher had led us to a private box and as I looked across I could see at last 4 members of the Royal Family!  I glanced down at the stage and realised we were at The Royal Variety Show, I thanked Ian later with my personal private box performance. Suffice it to say, I blew the competition away, literally!

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