Slow seduction

My nails had just about dried when my work mobile rang. It was Sasha, explaining one of her escorts had been taken ill, and could I help her out. Bearing in mind, I’d officially stopped working for her, so it would depend on the type of work!

It was a private marquee party, full of young and beautiful people, on the outskirts of London. The client, in his thirties, wanted a beautiful girl for an overnight liaison. The added factor was the ability to salsa dance.

Sasha finished her briefing and I hung up. I found a green gown which would be suitable and hurriedly dressed. I’d just finished applying powder to affix my make-up, when the taxi arrived.

Within an hour, I’d arrived at a luxury house; one of four similar modern, triple-fronted houses, with marble pillars at the entrance. It was glitzy, but my style is quaint and cottagey.

Richard was actually very handsome, well-dressed, and he greeted me at the entrance. He kissed me on both cheeks and he took in my dress and very large cleavage.

We were staying for the night in one of the guest rooms. I knew he wanted to have sex with me. It was obvious and his need oozed from every pore. As soon as he got me into the guest room, his hands reached to touch my breasts, but I stopped him, and asked for a glass of champagne to break the ice.

Richard immediately realised his error and apologised. When he returned I was almost naked on the bed, with my dress draped over the chair. I wore a garter, stockings and knickers. He took in my big breasts and his arousal was easy to see.

“I’d like you to slowly remove the rest of my underwear please. No rushing and no rough moves. That’s the deal.”

We drank the champagne and he took in my body within centimetres of his own. As I drank, he trailed his fingers slowly up and down my legs. This felt quite tantalising now the champagne was taking effect.

He turned me onto my front and slowly slipped his hand down my panties and stroked my bottom slowly, pinching the skin between finger and thumb. Then he stole further between my legs and I let him probe further. His touch was slow and attentive and I found him sexy.

I finished my champagne and he took the glass. As I settled on the bed, Richard continued his slow seduction with his fingers as my skin heated up.


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