Busty girls and sexy games

Game night is one of my favorite times of the month in London. It all started last year. My friends and I decided that we ought to get together at least once a month, no questions asked and no excuses like “I’m booked as the escort for client X etc”. We were sick and tired of not being able to fit each other in. Conflicting schedules, meant that there was always a time when someone or the other wasn’t available. But now, we’ve set that one day in the month, where we’re all expected to make it.

Okay, so there is something a tad bit different in how us full-bosomed girls do game night. Yes, we do play board games and we do keep score. But we’ve also got a couple of naughty games in the mix which spices up the experience a lot more than imaginable. I’m not one who’s shy to take my clothes off. After all, being an escort means that I’ve got to keep my ample breasted body in shape and ensure that I’m always looking my best. However, I’m someone who likes to win and thus, my efforts during game night are always on a high. My favorite game is called ‘The Box’. During this game, the participants sit around in a circle. The music plays in the background and we pass around a box with cards in it. Once the music stops, the person left holding the box has to choose a card. On that card, there’s an article of clothing and that’s the one the person has to get rid of. I’ve lost that game so many times and it now seems as though I’m the one who always ends up naked first. I don’t know what it is.  My friend, Marie, says that maybe everyone just wants to see me naked so badly that they’ve rigged the game. I don’t mind though because the next person who gets naked is mine for the taking. During this time me and the other loser usually teases the other players by doing naughty things to each other. Once they see how much fun we’re having, the game turns into one where everyone’s trying to lose so that they can get in on the action. That’s what a scarlet woman like me does to people. We tempt them so hard that they lose their focus as their imagination explores all the best places. I love each and every minute of watching them fight over who can lose first.

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