A Very Wealthy Businessman

Working as a busty London escort is great, I get to spend my time with gorgeous gentlemen and I find that I often receive presents from clients which is a bonus. I always appreciate any kind of gift, sometimes they are just little gestures like flowers or chocolates and sometimes they are slightly more extravagant like diamond earrings or perhaps a silver necklace. It’s always lovely receiving a gift from a client but sometimes I do feel a little overwhelmed, especially if I haven’t known them for very long and if the gift is very expensive.

Last week I was getting ready to meet Vincent, a very wealthy businessman that loved spending his spare time with me. He works very long hours and likes to relax with me after he’s had a busy week. He is one of my most regular clients and he always buys me presents, whether it’s a lovely bottle of wine or some sexy underwear from one of London’s finest boutiques, I know that he’ll have a gift with him whenever he picks me up.

This time was different, he picked me up from my flat as usual but he didn’t have the tell-tale bag with him. I didn’t mind of course but I thought it was unusual that he didn’t have a gift with him. We got into his car and everything felt a bit strange, he certainly wasn’t acting himself and he seemed very nervous. We eventually pulled up outside a Porsche dealership and my heart started racing… he wouldn’t… would he? It turns out he would and he let me pick any car I wanted. I now have a brand new Porsche convertible and I still can’t believe it, Vincent has been to see me a couple of times since he bought me the car and I still can’t stop thanking him.

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