Naughty funny and nice

I could not stop laughing as I showered in the swanky London hotel room. I’d not laughed this much since the annual escorts conference and ball last year, I turned the shower radio on loud, so that the laughter was muffled. I’d heard that a sense of humour could get most girls into bed, and funny guys were attractive, but bedding a male stand-up comic, was certainly worth the experience.

The whole bedroom act had become a farce from the minute he saw me and mumbled. “I’m well out of my depth with you!” Then he had got his boxers stuck in his jeans and I’d had to help extricate him gently, until I’d giggled uncontrollably. Then he’d looked at me naked and said he wanted to keep his boxers on, so I wouldn’t be able to see his pathetic excuse of a manhood. I re-assured him that he looked great and that he was naturally very funny too. In fact, I mentioned his nice eyes, and at that compliment, he did smile.

However, my re-assurance didn’t work, so we ended up having doing it with me on top, whilst he lay underneath and fondled me, still clothed in a vest and boxer shorts. I was not allowed to touch him down there, whilst he talked through his inadequacies, firstly as an aspiring comic on the London scene and then, as a man in need of loving from a lady of the evening.

Actually, because he did talk so much, it kept him moving quite slowly, until he stopped and started asking me questions. I had to remind him that no movement at all would end up resulting in very little happening, so he started again. I was certainly not expecting the orgasm that suddenly engulfed me. It was very different from my usual orgasms; much more delicate, but still with a good clench at the end.

The comedian was pleased with this result and hurried up until he’d also finished. Immediately his face relaxed and his anxiety fell away as he lit up and smoked a cigarette. I disappeared to shower, replaying the scene in my head and giggling away to myself.

When I came out, he was ready for round two, until he fell over his shoes and landed at my feet. His face ended up looking up my towel, so I told him to stay there, as I slowly let the towel fall to the ground. Then he stuck a tongue out. Naughty, funny and nice rolled into one package. That’s the sort of guy I could see myself with.


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