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It took me just over an hour to walk to my destination. When there is a London tube strike, you can forget thinking about getting a cab, and the thought of cycling on those busy streets is just too daunting for even the most adventurous of escorts.

I was meeting Pierre at a fashionable restaurant near Piccadilly Circus tube station. I was wearing my flat boots as there was no way I’d be tottering about on my high heels.

When I arrived, I could see Pierre sitting at a window table. A small, sun-tanned Frenchman, he had a lusty libido, and no doubt, several lovers back home.

Pierre always appreciated my appearance. He complimented my top, my jewellery, and the way my hair was pinned up at the back.

“I can’t wait to let your hair down,” he whispered lustfully, as he took my hand and kissed the back of it.

We ordered from the menu. I’d only eat the soup and tempura prawn salad, but the choice would be filling and tasty too. I had eaten here before. It wasn’t overly-busy for Tuesday lunchtime, but I wanted to relax after my walk too. I needed the energy for my romp with Pierre.

Back in the hotel room, Pierre had arranged for champagne on ice. I would only drink the one glass as I needed to walk home. Any more than that, especially after the glass of wine with lunch, and I’d feel more than a little tipsy and every good call girl knows being in control is a must.

In bed, Pierre kissed my toes and my feet and worked up my legs and took a peek under my French knickers.

“I like that you are not completely bare, like last time.” I did indeed remember that meeting, where a previous client had shaved me for his pleasure.

He stroked me under the knickers, ever so slowly as he kissed the soft area behind my knee. Well, that was creating such a jolt to my crotch area that I murmured a mix of delight and surprise. His tongue was subtle and soft and I could feel myself wanting him to touch me more intimately.

I reached for him and stroked him; using the same kind of movement he was using on me; slow, sexy and tantalising. Soon he wanted to be inside me. He pulled down my knickers and threw my legs open, as his passion took hold. He explored me hungrily, until I started to arch up for him.

Pierre needed to be satisfied twice, something that not all escorts like to do but, not me I’m one of those London girls who just loves the more energetic client. I lay back afterwards in a haze of pleasure. He knew exactly what to do, and he liked to be in full control at all times. I relished that about him.

I dressed carefully, feeling a tad thirsty after all of that activity. “Here is a bottle of water for you to take with you,” Pierre remarked as he passed me some still water. That was most thoughtful of him, and much needed for my walk back.


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