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Escorts with Rosebud Nipple

I sprayed the perfume, ‘She’, by Armani, down the inside of my low-cut blouse, just at the place where Michael likes to nuzzle against me. He likes his dates from the London escort agencies to smell nice and I go out of my way to keep all of my clients’ wishes. For example, Michael likes Armani, Christian like Gucci, and Paolo likes Dior. Every client is different and likes perfume to be applied to their favourite parts of the body. Christian is a neck-nuzzler, whereas Paolo likes the soft skin of my lower belly to lie against after we have had sex; his curly hair tickling my belly button every time he does so.

So, imagine meeting with all three in one day. The girls at the agency had really set me a busy schedule Michael was first and as usual, liked to undress me slowly. The low-cut blouse opened at the front with delicate flower-shaped buttons. “This is a pretty top,” he whispered as he pulled the bottom of the blouse from the inside of my jeans.

“You’ve not forgotten my favourite perfume, good girl, escorts don’t come much better than you sweetie.” He breathed as he worked his way down my neck to my cleavage, before delicately unhooking my bra.

“I dream about these,” he laughed, as he looked at the fullness of my breasts. “I know these are natural, but I get full and pert at the same time.” As an imminent plastic surgeon, I could not want to question him. “These little buds,” he whispered as his lips circled one rosebud nipple, “get so hard and erect, they look like flowers opening up.”

I smiled, as I do, and let my eyes close shut as his lips caressed me delicately. My reaction, down there, started immediately. I know some women don’t enjoy sex for many reasons, but when I get someone I like, my body can’t lie. Michael was sexy, smart, attentive and played with me carefully, watching the flushes in my skin, the dilation of my pupils, and the way I part my legs slightly when I’m ready for him.

These subtle messages are involuntary. They happen when a client takes their time to let me enjoy the experience. As it stood today, Michael was already erect and ready to show me how much further he could turn me on. I mused to myself, “This is my starter, Christian is the main course, and Paolo is my dessert.” I could see Michael wondering what I was thinking about. I smiled, “I am having visions of a three-course meal today.” He smiled back, but had no idea as to what I really meant.


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