Escort chit chat over vintage champagne

I was meeting Rachel later for a pizza and a good catch-up, and I couldn’t wait. She’s one of the few London escorts who didn’t view me as a threat to her love life. Not only was she dating a colleague she’d liked for ages, she was thinking of moving in with him. I was nowhere near that stage. I’d only see Josh twice a week and only with one overnight stay, but I liked the idea of a date night once per week and a Saturday morning and afternoon together.

Rachel was perky when I saw her. I asked her so many questions and we celebrated just being happy with a bottle of vintage Champagne. The gastro pub in which we met was new to me. I’d passed it when it was undergoing refurbishment and I’d been keen to take a look inside. I liked it and the landlord was very welcoming. That was lucky really as the pub I’d visited with Anna was out-of-bounds, but that was fine. Josh hadn’t been in for a while anyway; he’d been too busy.

As Rachel and I shared various tapas, we reflected on how different things were in our lives. The last twelve months in London had been a rollercoaster of activity for escorts at the higher end of the industry having to accommodate the many new Russian oligarchs and Chinese billionaires moving into the capital

When I explained I needed to go to Milan for a lingerie shoot in a fortnight, and I’d be shopping out there too, Rachel asked if I would be taking Josh, but both Thursday and Friday nights were performance nights for him at the theatre. I made a mental note to check out the potential of him taking a couple of days off as holiday. It would only be a couple of weeks before Christmas and we could do our Christmas shopping there.

As I left, my work mobile rang. I answered and it was my client, James. Now that I knew his connection to Anna and her brother, I quite happily explained there were no further bookings, as that phase in my life was definitely over. The only reason I’d decided to go with him after our hiatus, was the fact he’d been good in bed. James was naturally surprised and I knew that he’d actually quite liked me.

All he could do was to wish me well, and vice versa. I didn’t tell him I’d recently acquired six clients; that was none of his business! I came off the phone wondering if that message would wing its way back to my ex-friend Anna!


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