She Will Be Back For More

I took the girls toy out of Tamara only a minute after she sighed with satisfaction. She had been quiet throughout and like most good escorts in London I wanted to check she was happy with my service.

“How are you feeling?” I asked as I lay between her thighs I knew she’d come. If anyone says they’ve had an orgasm, and you’re wondering if they are faking it; well, the lower lips say it all, so to speak! I’m lucky in that I can now come eighty per cent of the time.

My fake rate has dropped. Partially due to only picking the London clients I think will be good in bed, who are wealthy and reasonable attractive, and partially because I do tell clients that I like, if I’m asked. Most want their escort to have a good time too, although it isn’t guaranteed.

Tamara asked me to stroke her body as she recovered, and she’d had a good time. I flipped her onto her front, kissed her tight little buttocks, and stroked from her back, down to her ankles, over and over again.

As a client, she wasn’t difficult. She loved oral; she loved fondling the breasts of other women; the act of kissing a pretty woman, and she liked her escort to arrive with large toys for girls!

Her phone beeped and she said she needed to get up. I helped her and started to dress, as she checked her voicemail. “Are you okay if I ring my girlfriend back?” Tamara asked gently. I smiled, said it was her apartment, and I needed to leave in five minutes anyway.

I listened to the whispered conversation in the adjoining lounge as I zipped up my skirt. “Yes, it was good. She has large breasts which are a lovely shape; a great ass, and she is beautiful.”

I could feel my cheeks blush. I’d never heard a verbal description of my assets in a phone conversation before. “Yes she’ll do that; she’ll lick you, finger your pussy and ass too. She’s certainly recommended.”

I needed to leave. I could sense a potential new client request about to happen. “Her name is Fiona. I’ll give you her card.”

I grabbed my bag, walked past and kissed her cheek, as I headed to the door. Tamara waved at me to stop, but I was now on over-time and pointed at my watch. She wasn’t going to end the call, so I mouthed. “Give me a call.” I smiled as I looked at her gorgeous body, winked and left. She’ll be back for more!

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