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Esme is not one of the escorts from work but a good friend I swim with at our local health club in west London. I weighed myself and noticed I was definitely five pounds heavier. I was still a size ten, but I needed to lose a kilo within a week. Such were the demands of my lifestyle. When it is busy, you are in a frenzy of activity, and you just have to book off a day or so each week, just to look after yourself. I knew the owner so I did not have to pay a subscription, like everyone else. I got away with a one-off payment each time I turned up. Esme also used the gym and did all the classes too, as part of an off-peak membership.

Esme is tall and Amazonian-looking, with olive skin, strong bones and a toned figure. Every once in a while, we’d meet for a swim, steam room and lounge around in the Jacuzzi for a while. I know her as she’d commissioned a pair of curtains and pelmet for her lounge window, following a recommendation from one of my friends. When she’d come round, I’d recognized her at the pool and we’d hit it off. At about twelve centimetres taller than I, and a good twenty kilos heavier, she looked striking. As a plus-size model, Esme worked for catalogues, all over Europe mainly, I’ve always thought she would make a great escort if she ever choice to start a career in the oldest profession. I was fascinated by her ability to wear anything and look fantastic. To me, she wasn’t overweight at all, but just needed to wear a size sixteen so clothes would fit properly.

After the swim, we just felt ourselves relax as the steam worked its magic. Esme nudged me as the door opened and a gorgeous man walked in. With almost black hair, square jaw and green eyes, we both fidgeted and I knew Esme was just as attracted to him as I was.

The guy looked at us as we left the steam room. We showered for a few minutes in the plush surroundings of the club and when I got into the Jacuzzi, I noticed that the guy was staring at Esme.

As she settled next to me, I whispered to her that she was in luck as she had an admirer. She whispered back that he was the son of a London based shipping magnate and had seen him around. I nudged her to talk to him as he walked towards the Jacuzzi and let her know I was about to get out, so she should stay.

As I left, I made a mental note to ring her later on, and smiled to myself.


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