Vera breaks in a new neighbor

Shawn moved into my apartment building in south west London a few days ago and I have had my eyes on him ever since. I had never been attracted to someone as much as I was attracted to him and I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was about him that had me dreaming of him night after night. I knew that one day, I would have to put these dreams to rest and muster up the courage to talk to him and have him make my dreams a reality. However, I did not expect that it would happen the way that it did. I mean, our first real encounter was one that people only see happen in the movies. I was headed to the laundry room pretty late in the night – after not being able to sleep due to thinking about this gorgeous man. I swung the door open to see something that I had hoped would only be seen in my bedroom. Shawn was standing there in his boxers. No t-shirt, no pants, just boxers! I almost turned around and bolted in the other direction but I couldn’t. My feet were stuck to the ground and my eyes were stuck on him. He turned around and flashed me that charming and irresistible smile coupled with a quick and equally sweet ‘hello’. Then he proceeded to introducing himself, after which he asked if my name was ‘Vera’. I wondered for a minute how he knew my name had he seen me on an advertisement for escorts but then figured he’d seen it on my mailbox, which was how I had figured out his name.

He was exceptionally friendly which meant that after I got over the initial shock of seeing his rock hard abs and his cute butt, the conversation went exceptionally smoothly. He asked what it was that I did and I told him I was an escort to clients in the home counties and London. This caused his eyes to widen and made him grow a bit excited. What happened next took me by surprise. Shawn decided to ask me if I had a few tips and tricks that I could show to him. I had dreamt of this moment ever since he had moved in and was very happy to oblige. That night, we made the laundry room steamier than it has ever been and when that wasn’t enough, we headed to my bedroom where I proceeded to take advantage of his rock hard body.

About the author:
Vera is an escort who lives near London’s famous Kings Road in Chelsea. She enjoys blogging and meeting new & interesting people through her work.

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