Busty Cindy finds a stud in the park

A walk in London’s Hyde Park turned into much more than any of the escorts I know could ever envision. I’ve got a beautiful, fluffy, little dog who wanted to go out and play. Except, being the troublesome girl that she is, she decided to escape from my leash and make her way over to a dog she had spotted, who was also on his daily stroll. Luckily enough for me, the owner dog was a charming man. A blessing in disguise is what I would call the entire situation.

We chatted about our dogs for a few minutes before the conversation took a turn in an entirely different direction. He couldn’t keep his eyes off my breasts, and me being one of the more bolder escorts, I decided to point this fact out to him. ‘They’re just so big perky,’ he whispered. ‘Do you wanna feel them?’ I asked. ‘Here’ his eyes lit up, ‘in the middle of London, in front of all these people?’ he continued. ‘Or we could go back to my place,’ I offered. Unsurprisingly, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

We made our way back to my apart and as soon as the door closed behind us, we ripped each other’s clothes off. His first course of action was to tend to my large breasts and get a taste of the beauties he just couldn’t pry his eyes away from while we were in the park. I reach down to pull his manhood out of his pants and what my hand got hold of, was something so enormous that I almost couldn’t believe it. This made me want him even more. I showed him to my bedroom, and over to my bed, climbed on top of him and took charge. I rode him slowly at first, and then harder and harder as the intensity built up. The way I felt with him being inside of me is something that’s exceptionally hard to describe. However, it’s a feeling that I would rejoice in having, each and every day of the week. After my first orgasm, he flipped me over and took me from behind, pushing me, once again, over the edge and into an orgasm so forceful, that I thought I was in another world. A few strokes later, he too had reached his limit and came, loud and hard. ‘That was breathtaking,’ he smiled. I didn’t need to answer. In fact, if I wanted to answer, I’m not sure I could have because that experience truly was a breathtaking one.

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